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After the rain, large droplets fell from the tree onto the pond.  Without thought I snapped some photos. What a surprise when downloading this photo to discover the house, trees, and even this photographer reflected in the tiny sphere of the raindrop.

The importance of... 



     the ephemeral

Artist Statement

I have always found solace and a spiritual home in nature, and my photography is a way of noticing and engaging with my natural environment.  While I enjoy photographing new and personal environments, I’m less interested in the visual reality, than the spirit and energy and the emotion they evoke for me.  


I like seeing differently --beyond what is there—fractured and reassembled, distorted, reflected, transparent; it’s about serendipity; impermanence; I find myself seeking serenity and recognizing edginess. I love that photography often catches me off guard; pushes my boundaries; it engages my emotions.


Over time, my images have evolved through the use of intentional camera movement, and the blending of multiple images. These techniques allow me to create a more personalized vision of the environments that I photograph, revealing images that are at once fleeting and fragile—a world that evokes serenity; a flight from reality; a hint of mystery; a sense of awe.  

Artist Bio

Bonnie Newman is an outdoor enthusiast and avid traveler. With her camera, she experiences and captures the splendor of nature, compelling moments, and new environments. 


She finds inspiration in nature, whether an expansive landscape or a detail that catches her eye. She sees abstraction everywhere and is attracted to shapes, transparency, distortion and fragmentation. Her recent landscape work utilizes the techniques of transparency and reflection, multiple exposure, and intentional camera movement to reveal her singular vision of a scene. 


She has had solo exhibitions at the Griffin Museum of Photography and at the Cary Public Library in Lexington MA, and her work was selected for juried group exhibitions at the Cambridge Art Association, Arlington Center for the Arts, Plymouth Center for the Arts, and Gallery Twist in Lexington.  


Bonnie photographs for the Brewster Conservation Trust and the Town of Lexington Conservation Department, and her photos are on display in the Brewster (MA) Town Hall, and the Lexington (MA) Visitor’s Center and in private collections.


Bonnie has taken photography courses with Emily Belz at the Arlington Center for the Arts, Griffin Museum of Photography, and the DeCordova Museum. She participated in the Atelier 33 at the Griffin, has taken online workshops with Valda Bailey and Doug Chinnery, and  workshops with Steven Koppel, Eddie Soloway, and Essdras Suarez.

Bonnie lives in Lexington and Brewster MA



Solo exhibitions


           First Light--Griffin Museum of Photography (@WinCam)

                Curated by Crista Dix


Reflections on Smalls Pond -- Cary Public Library; Lexington MA


Selected Juried and Group Exhibitions


Lyrical—Gallery Twist, Lexington MA’

  Juried by Gillian Ross, Gallery Twist

The Photographers Eye—Bedford MA Public Library

    Juried by Gillian Ross, Gallery Twist



          Fragments of (online)

          Fabulous (exhibition cover photo) --Plymouth Center for the Arts

          What Catches the Eye--  Bedford (MA) Public Library

                 Curated by Erin Carey


Annual Juried Art Show and Festival --Plymouth Center for the Arts, Plymouth MA

      Juried by Wallace Marosek and Liz Haywood-Sullivan

Mary Schein Fall Salon--Charles River Speedway Gallery--Cambridge Art Association

The Fine Art of Photography 2021 -- Plymouth Center for the Arts, Plymouth, MA

      Juried by Emily Belz and Jessica Burko

Morning Impressions: Cape Cod -- Griffin Museum of Photography, Winchester MA


Illumination -- Gallery Twist, Lexington, MA 

     Juried by Gillian Ross, Gallery Twist

The Experience of Looking --  Cambridge Art Association

     Juried by  Rebecca Schnopp (online)

Inside/Outside -- Cambridge Art Association  

     Juried by Erin Becker (online)

Nature/Nurture -- Arlington Center for the Arts  

     Juried by Laura McPhee,  Mass College of Art and Design  


Very Superstitious -- Arlington Center for the Arts  

     Juried by Caitee Hoglund, 13 Forest Gallery 


I’m New Here-Reflections on Immigration -- Arlington Center for the Arts

     Juried by Boriana Kantcheva, Chandler Gallery; Maud Morgan Art Center

Lexington Conservation Land -- Cary Library and Lexington (MA) Community Center  

     Curated by Bonnie Newman and Jordan McCarron   


Brewster’s Natural Beauty…Protected -- Brewster (MA) Ladies  Library

     Curated by Bonnie Newman and Dorria Marsh  



Bedford Center for the Arts  Photography Group, Bedford MA

Cape Cod Art Center, Barnstable MA;

Griffin Museum of Photography, Winchester MA 

Cambridge Art Association, Cambridge MA

Plymouth Center for the Arts, Plymouth, MA


B.S.  University of Minnesota  French and Education

M.A.  University of Wisconsin    French and Education

M.A. Antioch Graduate School   Counseling


Contact Bonnie Newman

I would love to hear from you. For feedback, inquiries about print sales, exhibition opportunities, and licensing please contact me:

No images may be used, reproduced, broadcast or retransmitted in electronic, print, or any other media without the express written consent of the owner/author.

Thanks for your message! I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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